Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coil of the Day?

Who wins?

Do you consider an individual who gets a press and curl, a natural? Would you go to a stylist that does press and curls?  Would you expect that same stylist to know how to properly care for your coily hair?

This sparked interesting conversation on facebook.

One commenter even said....
I think that is the most ridicuolus thing ever. The point of wearing ur hair NATURAL is to keep it IN it's NATURAL state. Ur hair ain't NATURALLY pressed and flowy, so don't go gettin a press and curl and then brag about ur hair being natural. That pisses me off. HAPPY TO BE NAPPY!!!!

What is your view?

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  1. the way i view a woman being natural is someone who chooses not to use a chemical to permanently change/alter the structure of her natural hair whether to make it permanently straight or curly. My mom (who is natural, i did her big chop) she didn't think she was natural because she likes to flat iron her hair. I quickly let her know that yes indeed... See More she is natural. That my view on it. So my answer is yes I believe a woman is still natural.I love the versatility of our natural hair. We can wear it straight,curly,in a fro,etc. I love being natural

  2. I use heat on my hair once every six months (June 10th is my 1 yr mark being natural & I will blow dry my hair using grapeseed oil as a heat protectant) once i hit my 2 yr mark being natural which will be June 10,2011 I will flat iron my hair for the first time being natural. I do understand that someone who uses excessive amounts of heat can damage their hair. It's important to use a heat protectant & also not to use heat so much to keep our hair healthy.

  3. Naturalbeauty- I have pressed my hair in the past. Over a year or so ago! I am thinking of red-visiting that idea (shortly)

    Thanks for your input!