Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coily Encounter for Nyla

I left the house today to clear my mind.  This computer seems like it is becoming my BEST FRIEND.  If only, I could stay off of Sorority Life and Cafe World; I might get a LIFE.  I need to work on interview questions, an agenda and a host of other things.   

I met 3 naturals today.  1 Lady was Tracy, the other 2 are nameless.  Sorry ladies if you are reading this.  I forgot to get your names.

I was wearing coils today.  Yes, Nyla is all COILED UP!  I can say I am getting better.  Tracy asked, if she could touch my hair.  I didn't even squint or anything, I politely said, "Sure" and titled my head to the side.

Have a great day ladies!!

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