Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Hair Type Hype

My mom, is a leftie.  She always says that left handed people are smarter.  They have to live in a RIGHT handed world.

Is being a natural the same?  Not necessarily saying that Naturals are SMARTER!  However, we live in a world where the straight hair is catered to.  Natural is hair has some stigmas.  Our hair is hard to manage.  Our hair is not professional. Not to mention hair products contain ingredients that are not natural hair friendly.

When going natural, you will hear all kinds of comments.  I have a cousin that constantly jokes with me, by saying, what you need is a PERM!

If I wasn't secure in myself, then it would be tempting to go back to the perm!
I think it is awesome to walk into a room and be the one who does not look like EVERYONE ELSE!
I am making little changes and each day learning something new about my hair and this journey.

To totally let go is a freeing experience!  Dont worry about what others will think.  Everyone will have an opinion on your hair.  Just let go and embrace you!


  1. Amen to that!! I love embracing me :) well said!!

  2. Amen! Amen!

    I knew I accepted me and no one else's opinion mattered, the day I wore a wash n' go to work...and it turned into the dryest, most shrunkest (is that a word?) thing you've ever seen! I walked around work like I was what I have a brilo pad on my head today (my hair WAS NOT the business that day).

    But that day let me know...I'm good with me no matter what! I'm thankful because it's been a long time coming!