Monday, September 9, 2013

Music's Future Past

Music's Future Past

After seeing both ladies, Beyonce and Diana, my observations are as a follows:
Beyonce is a great dancer.

Miss Ross is an excellent performer. She stands in one place and SINNNNNGGGGS! I mean, really sings.

I didn't think I was a Diana Ross fan but I remembered every song-*** from I'm Coming Out until Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand, Make This World a Better Place if You Can. I was singing the words.

In the words of a the great nephew Breeze I Life this the Poet... "I'm scared of my son's future past." When I grew up music, was music. Today with all of this junk that they call music, What will be our children's music legacy?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Instagram Etiquette - Part 2

It has come to my ATTENTION, that being who I am...I tend to over think things.

I have been re-thinking this Instagram Stalker thing from ANOTHER ANGLE...

It occurred to me that, maybe the "STALKER" wants the recognition.
Why does that person who, in my words, "Went through my pictures like a hot knife through butter just pressing the LIKE button, only press like?

Normally, they typically don't comment, they just press like.  Is that person wanting a shout out?

If you have ever done it, are you wanting a shout out?

Then again, maybe I am just ov

Monday, August 26, 2013

Missed the Mark

I missed the MARK, today.

I am trying to become more consistent in my life.
Been noticing that I am a fast typer.  Which is trouble in the world of Instagram.  (follow me a Coilyencounters, I know it is a SHAMELESS PLUG- moving on, lol)
My typing doesn't matter here, on facebook or twitter, because I can correct the misspelled word or delete the post and start over.   Instagram, however is not as user friendly.

My commitment to myself is to become more consistent in areas of my life.  I chose commitment rather than challenge.  Due to the fact, that my mom has drilled in me the power of the tongue scripture, since I could read! lol

The areas that I am committing to being consistent are

This Blog
Organization Skills
Working Out
Proper Diet (which means, I will limit pizza, ice cream and dessert to once a month)

Funny how God is, to let me know that I am supposed to be doing this, I ran into one of my old supervisors Teresa J, who mentioned that she reads my blog.  Heyyyyyy, Teresa!

Here she is with all this pretty coiled hair, outside of one of our local grocery stores.

What's your focus?  What is that thing that you need to commit, in order to bring focus into your life.

Let's hit the mark, together...TOMORROW!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Instagram Etiquette

Instagram Etiquette

Is there such a thing as Instagram Etiquette?
I'm sure there is.  However, the one that I would like to point out is, the (user name) has liked these photos.

I'm sure that you have seen something like this.

My opinion of this type of post is I think this poster is "THROWING SHADE".  Yes, I said it!!
This is in my opinion a way to call someone a stalker, on the low.
This says to ME, Look at (user name), they have gone through my photos like a hot knife through butter, just clicking the LIKE BUTTON.

What is your opinion on this?  I'm curious!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Sculpting is the Plan

Yesterday I was asked, 'How much more weight do you plan to lose?'
15 lbs is usually a dress size, for my body.  I really am not focused on the weight. 
Gotta tone this body. I just want to be a size 8.

Currently, I am alternating between Kettleworx and Black Girls Workout Too.

I have decided to use a book to help with sculpting.

This is today's routine.  

Are you a chick that lifts?   What's your workout routine?  Have you decided to vary your routine?

Friday, August 16, 2013

No Excuses

No Excuses

"No excuses" has been my mantra for awhile.   Mostly, it just included my fitness lifestyle.  Meaning, there was no excuse for me, to NOT work out!

Lately though it seems my mantra has taken a turn. It is funny how God will bring you back to something.  I haven't really been keeping this blog up to date.

My excuses were:
No time
Bad camera

Well, yesterday...God fixed all of that.
Over on twitter, lil ol' me, answered a question from my local radio station.
The question was, what will you wear on your first day back to school.
No, I am not in school, but hey, who tells the truth in social media. LOL

As a result, I won all of this.

Samusing Galaxy III Phone
Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Camera
Samsung WiFi Hot Spot
Samsung Battery Back UP

I was even able to get this video'ed!  I am not the videographer.  Thanks to Letina of WJAMZ at 1073.

Sidenote:  Its really funny that I entered this contest on Aug. 1.  August 1, 1993 my life changed.  Looks like my angel (my daughter) wanted me to know, she is still blowing kisses and giving me hugs!  RIP..Maya Nicole-Elyse
I love you!

Which means, this blog will be getting a complete overhaul.

Reflection time, what have you been putting off?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spending Time w My Mama

Spending Time w My Mama

I am putting the finishing touches on Greenville's Natural Hair meetup as part of INHMD
(International Natural Hair Meet Up Day).

We went shopping for last minute stuff, chips, hot dogs, and waters.

If you are unsure as to what IMHMD is, please visit the website

My mom had me stuffing bags so fast, I felt like LUCY.

Praying that this event is successful for everyone who attends and the events around the world.

Thanks for stopping by!