Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Greenville, SC-- National Natural Hair Meetup Day

The largest interactive Natural hair affair is on the way!  Greenville, Spartanburg, and Anderson, South Carolina, are you READY!!!

Coily Encounters is planning the largest Natural Hair event to come to the Upstate Area.   

Please refrain from having small children attend this event with you, as we will not have a designated space to accomodate them (exceptions made for nursing infants). Older children may attend at your own discretion however, they MUST be ticketholders.

Ask event planner about special discount ---Day of Event
Portion of the proceeds will benefit Breast Cancer Research via Greenville Cancer Society

Monday, March 5, 2012

Through the Decades- An ode to my birthday

This year, things are a little different, there is no trip to report.  Nothing special being done.  Today is a day of reflection.

A friend once wrote the following about me..The "March Fourth" thing has always resonated with me:

Know that you are victorious in all you set your mind to because....... you were predestined to arrive "on stage" precisely on the day after the "MARCH FORTH" command was given!  The next expletive uttered was by your mother when she hollered out loudly and proclaimed, ............."LAWD!!....have Marci!"

This little girl is still here, still wanting to do things that are so different from the NORM!

My mom says, that I was 2 in this picture.  I still want to know what I'm thinking! 

Next come your preteen years.   My sister, J (Left) and I .  She will forever be my no girl!!!lol

Being a teenager with the strictest father on the planet sure want any fun!  He once told me, 'There is nothing open after 12 but a woman's legs'.  My curfew was 11 until, I turned 25! 

I got in trouble for coming home, at 2.  My dad asked if I needed a timex?

Then on January 16,1992..I was introduced to the love of my life!!!
Here he is at 16! my SON!~!!!

I have done some crazy thangs,

Met some interesting people.

I owe my life to one special person, Ms Vonnie Coils (inside joke).  On this day, I celebrate her!
The prettiest woman I know, aint she fly???! 

Thank you, mother for giving me life!  On this day back in 1967, she, birthed ME!  Thank you isn't or will never be enough!