Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet Recent Big Chopper- Adam's Eve

Introducing Adam's Eve:

Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend, &
 Business Partner

I have met this lady and she has such a warm , wonderful spirit. Enjoy her story

1..How long have you been natural?

I've been totally natural for less than 1 week, and I'm loving every minute of it :)

2.Did you transition? If so how long and why? 

Yes, I transitioned for approximately 7 months.  

My "unconscious" transition began September 2009 after returning from vacation in Miami & Key West, FL.  I decided after that last touch up that I wasn't going to put another chemical in my hair because no one could tell me why my hair was thinning.  I'd always had thick, big hair, but over the years my hair was thinning, but the stylist would always tell me my hair was healthy and treat it with a Mizani deep conditioner.  I knew it was healthy, but since I knew my hair, and thinning had never been a problem, I knew it was time for me to take matters into my own hands or risk being bald.  

Baldness wasn't an option for me so I began researching the causes of thinning and started treating my hair with Nioxin products to combat the problem that was causing my thinning.  It worked and I saw less hair on the floor!  That's when I knew I was on to something and could care for my hair myself with positive results. 

My hair was flourishing and I wanted it to stay that way so I decided that I would not put another chemical in my hair to straighten or color it since those were the only things that I'd done to harm my hair over the last 27+ years.

I knew that I was going to have to BC, but I wasn't ready to let go of my BSL hair.  So, on May 14, 2010, I went to my stylist to get long layers.  It was a disastrous cut and I fell out of love with my hair.  Over the next 2 weeks I woke up disgusted and unhappy with my hair.  So, on the morning of Saturday, May 29, 2010, I decided to cut it all off!

3.Did you go to a professional or did you Big Chop yourself? 

I didn't have the nerve to cut my hair myself and I wanted to make sure the cut was neat.  So, I went to Latrona Sims of Kut N Up in Spartanburg, SC, to allow her the honor of doing my BC.  However, before I let her put her shears in my head I asked her a ton of questions to make sure that she understood & embraced natural hair.  I also made sure to let her know that I knew how much new growth I had and what my expectations were after the cut as far as my length.  Basically, I drilled her to make sure I wasn't going to walk away with a shaved head and lose my gorgeous new growth.  After my last cut I was weary of anyone cutting my hair so I had to make my needs and requirements crystal clear.

We videotaped the BC and took some great before & after photos.  She did an excellent job!

4.What or Who influenced you to go natural?

My decision to go natural was an effort to save my hair.  Second, I wanted the freedom of not having to worry about my hair getting wet in the rain or if I wanted to go swimming.  Third, I wanted to see if my hair would perform like my daughters' hair.  Fourth, I wanted to see my natural hair again.

I remember hating my big, wavy hair as a child.  No one knew what to do with it, and as I grew older I didn't either.  My mom would always put my hair in one or two ponytails or keep in braided so I never got a chance to really play in my hair to learn to embrace it.  As I grew older I wanted to be like everyone else with cute styles so I talked my Mom into allowing me to get it pressed.  After I had my daughter in 1983 I promptly got a perm and never looked back.

5. Did your Big Chop affect your self-esteem?

WOW did it ever!  If I had know the BC would make me feel sexier than I've felt in my entire life I would have done it a long time ago!

I've always been confident in my appearance, but the BC stepped up my confidence in a major way.  For example, I would have never gone out of the house with my hair in bantu knots prior to transitioning to natural.  It's not that I didn't think the style was banging, but because I thought people would look at me like a fool.  

Guess what?  The first style that I rocked in public were bantu knots!!!  My husband couldn't believe I left the house with my hair in the bantu knots.  He didn't care for them, but I LOVED THEM.  In fact, people couldn't stop staring at my hair.  One girl at McDonald's even forgot to take my money because she couldn't stop staring at my hair LOL!  

Now that I've BCd I noticed that my head is held higher.  My walk says, "I'm the bomb & I know it".  My attitude has always been like a line in Whitney Houston's song, My Name Ain't Susan, "You ain't got nothing on me", but now I truly feel it!  

I'm not conceited, just so much more confident in my beauty so that it now matches my inner beauty.  You can't beat that!  The BC was the most liberating event of my life!

6.Did you have any support going natural? or negative experiences when going natural?

My support has been from my husband and children as well as a few friends & family members.  However, my husband did not want me to do the BC.  He prefers long hair so he wasn't feeling the idea of me not having my BSL hair.  

Overall, I can't say that I had any negative experience other than the disastrous haircut that actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  For the most part, people know that I'm going to do what I want so there really wasn't any debate or discussion about my going natural or deciding to BC.

7.What is your regimen?  

Marci, that's a loaded question.  Since I've only be a natural for less than a week I'm still tweaking things to determine what's working and what isn't and when to do what.  I have given the regime some thought however, and this is what I'm contemplating doing going forward:

1. Poo weekly on Saturday evening w/ either Miss Jessie's Sudsy Shampoo or Kinky Curly Come Clean (KCCC)
2. DC weekly w/ LeKair Cholestrol Plus
3. Co-wash at least 2x week w/ AOHSR
4. Leave-in Conditioner = Suave or other light weight conditioner
5. Spritz hair 2x day w/ mixture of aloe vera juice & EOs (rosemary, clary sage, lavender, tea tree oil, & ylang ylang mixture)
6. Moisturize hair w/ shea butter mixture (shea butter, jojoba oil, EVOO, honey, & EOs) when wearing my hair out.
7. Massage & oil scalp w/ EOs 2x week to promote growth
8.  Protein Treatment Monthly w/ mayo, eggs, & honey

I may add the following to my routine on a monthly basis:

1. Detox hair w/ Bentonite Clay
2. Henna application (as needed)

What products are you using:

1. Carol's Daughter Hair Milk - Leave-In Conditioner on twists, bantu knots, etc.
2. Darcy's Botanicals Transitioning Cream - Leave-In Conditioner on twists, bantu knots, etc.
3. Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey - Great for shine, moisture, & frizz control.
4. Ecostyler Olive Oil Gel
5.  Essential Oils, i.e, rosemary, lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang, & tea tree oil
6.  Homemade whipped shea butter blend w/ jojoba oil, olive oil, aloe vera jel & EOs

8.What is your nightly routine? 

Currently I'm spritzing my hair with my aloe vera juice & essential oils mixture and applying my homemade shea butter blend to keep my hair moisturized.

I always, always sleep in my satin bonnet as well.

For those nights when I'm wearing my hair loose I'm using the baggy method to seal in moisture.

9.What is your go to style?  What style would you like to try? and why?  what is preventing you from trying this style?

I don't have a go to style yet, but I do like my hair in the wash n' go TWA because it accentuates my beautiful curl pattern.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to prevent the crunchiness and make it cottony soft!  

I'd love to wear my hair in a long twist chignon because it's classy yet casual.  However, I'm going to have to get some length before I'll be able to try this style out!

10. What is the best thing about being natural?

There are so many things that I love about being natural, and the first thing that comes to mind is the ability to walk in the rain without fear of messing my hair up!  I did that yesterday and it was so much fun.

Second, I'm not paying someone to play at caring for my hair.  I'm actually caring for my hair and getting positive results without shelling out $30-50 every two weeks.

Third, I'm not held hostage in someone's salon listening to pointless gossip and the like.

Fourth, I can try so many different styles on my hair that I wasn't able to pull off with relaxed hair.

Fifth, I don't have to worry about someone putting in the wrong relaxer and burning my scalp, my hair, or both.

11.What advice do you have for an aspiring natural/transitioner?

First, don't wait to do your BC!  It's a major step, but it's worth it and so liberating!  I know it's scary going from having lengthy hair to having short hair, but it's just hair...with the care and love you give to your natural hair you'll have long hair in no time!

Second, learn as much as you can about natural hair.  Participate in the forums, read books like Curly Like Me by Teri LaFlesh & Grow It by Chicoro.  Visit YouTube and look at the wonderful videos of other sisterfriends who are transitioning and/or have already BCd to learn how to handle your hair.


Fourth, listen to your heart and not what everyone else has to say.  Some mean well, but at the end of the day you need to be happy with you.

Here's an additional photo of Adam's Eve:

This one she is a permie!


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