Monday, May 31, 2010

Coily Encounter..Dietrich Cannon

It is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce you to: 

Dietrich Cannon; 
Wife, Mother, and Make-up artist.

I first met Dietrich at the SC Natural Hair Gathering that was held in Cleveland Park, a few weeks ago.  On the day of her photo shoot, I had to wear my big FRO!!  Yall should have seen the people looking at us! or maybe her!  I was in the scope of things, does that count..

Read on

1.How long have you been natural?  

11 years 

2.Did you transition?  

I did  by a freak accident I guess you can say? 
True story-I had a perm since  I was in the 6th grade and around 15, I started coloring my hair. In my mid 20's I was going through this stage where I was coloring my hair a new color every month. I was truly addicted to color.  I know there are rules, as to how long you are supposed to wait before you color your hair after you have perm it and I was caught up in trying the next new color that I may miscalculated that time frame. A girlfriend had came over and dyed my hair Indigo Black, over this blotched red/bronze hair dye I messed up and honey she was washing my hair out in the sink and said oh my goodness..oh my goodness DD! I'm bent over (back hurting) in the kitchen sink w/one eye open and water dripping in the other saying WHAT IS IT! She sad Girl your hair is coming out and I said whatcha mean?  She handed me a big ole chunk of my hair and my stomach dropped to my knees. I quickly got from up under the running water and started touching my hair and was pulling my hair out like you do cotton candy.  This happened on a Sun and back then no hairdressers worked on Monday, so I started calling any and all beauticians, I had ever went to and the first one that said they could get me in Tues first thing I was there!  I end up getting a Toni Braxton cut (minus the sideburns) and wore that for about 6 months. I did not perm my hair again during this time. It was so fragile and thinner than usual that I did not want to put any chemicals on it.  I got about 2 sets of micros and then another set of braids down to but for about another 6-7 months. Once I took them out I had this virgin hair and figured I would wear it as is since my hair is naturally curly. I mainly wore my hair in a puff for 2 years (1999-2001) bc I didn't have a clue about twist out, flat twist, etc to style my hair. I have an Aunt in NJ that I visited one summer and her sis-in-law had dreads. I liked them, they were different.In 2001 I begin to lock my hair. I enjoyed them but they were about 3 inch above my but, heavy, HOT in the summer and I wanted something new so on July 13, 2006 I chopped them off to about 2 inches of hair and have been wearing my natural ever since.

3.Did you have any support going natural? or negative experiences when going natural?  

None at all . My family and friends know that I always do my own thing and don't follow trends. 

4.What is your regimen?
Go to style:   Mainly 2strand/twist out 
shampoo: Talijah Waad Black Earth Shampoo 
deep condition:  Herbal Essence Totally Twisted or Panteen Naturals 
Oil:  Talijah Waad 

5.What is your nightly routine?  

I place my hair in a loose pony tail and tie a satin scarf over it 

6. What is the best thing about being natural?
The versatility.  You can do so much with it especially now that you have networking for naturals and more products to use made for natural hair. 

7.What advice do you have for an aspiring natural/transitioner?  

GO FOR IT! Just chop it and don't try and "grow" your perm out that way you can experience the short natural hair and just be amazed at how your hair grows and the styles you can do at each growing stage. 

Let's talk  make-up...

How long have you been studying to be a make-up artist?  

9 months but I been wearing make up since I was 11!  I am currently studying skin care as well. Please wear sunscreen black people!

When will your training be complete?

Aug 3rd,2010! 

What are you plans upon graduating? 

I will do free lance make up and work part time in a reputable day spa. My own day spa will be opening in about 3-5 years. Metyme Day Spa!  Look out for me!

What is the best advice that you can offer to a person who is not keen with applying make-up? 

Call me! ... and get educated. Go to a make up counter in the mall and do invest in some good foundation for you skin type and have someone match it to your skin tone.  You may  need liquid, creme to powder or powder foundation but the average women doesn't know that and you can't go off what your girlfriend is wearing as her make up.

Is there anything that you would like to add, whether it is hair or make-up? 
 Yes. Don't use any body soap to wash your face!  Wash, tone , protect and moisturizer your face each day!! This is very important for those who do wear make up. You have to set the foundation for the  make up to go on smoothly and not look all cakey and dry. You should always put on a moisturizer or primer before you apply your foundation.  I recommend a moisturizer d with SPF in it already which it wear the "protect" comes in to place and most of them do have it. Keep your eyebrows arched, wear mascara ,nude gloss and bronzer for a quick everyday summer look if you don't wear anything else.

You need to wear sun screen so you can be protected from the harmful UV rays in the sun.  Don't think bc you have a year round tan that you can't get skin cancer bc we can.  The darker your skin is the lower the # needs to be.  If you are very light skinned you may need a SPF45 and if you are on the darker side use a 15. If you fall in between use a 30.

Very important to use conditioner. I drench my hair with conditioner,  rinse with the coldest water I can stand and never rinse all of it out.  Make sure you have a detangler comb and it will glide right through. I think any hair stores sells them for about $1. I'm not talking about just a comb with a wide teeth, that will bend when you comb your hair,  no this is a "detangler" comb. Mine is brown and huge.  I love it!

Last but not least-treat yourself and get a Facial at least every 6-8 weeks. We now offer them in clinics at Greenville Tech Campus (Pleasantburg location) on Tues and Thurs from 6-8:15 pm for $20 for an hour until 7/22.  We will soon be offering body scrubs, back facials, etc as well.  We also do waxing too!  Call and make an appt at 864-250-8975.

We took alot of pictures on this day.  I would really like to thank Dietrich for the opportunity.

Enjoy More Photos of Dietrich:

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