Founders of Natural Hair Groups

Founders of Natural Hair Groups

On this page, my readers will get to meet leaders of various natural hair groups from across the country.  I started in the south because that is where I am from.

The first leader is special to me, she is my lil without further ado...

The Founder of Nola Naturals
29 year old wife, mother 
 addicted to all things especially Beauty  & Hair Products
New Orleans, LA.

Over on the curlynikki, there is a forum entitled Big Sister.  It is a support system for the girl needing some advice on products, techniques and routines.
TSA is my "lil sis"! We have talked about hair and life.  It is with an honor and privilege that I introduce "lil sis", TSA 919. 
I would like to caution my readers, TSA is a MAJOR PJ!! ** Product Junkie** 
I have to stay on her, about buying the latest and greatest product!  

TSA is also the founder of NOLA NATURALS.
New Orleans, Louisiana- Naturals.

When was Nola Naturals founded? 
Last year, not sure the month. It all started on Curlynikkis meetup forum.

How many members do you have?
Started out with about 4, and still growing!

Can you let us in on a few things that Nola Naturals is planning for the year?
Plans for more meetups, festivals, and product junkie field trips! So stay tuned!

Meet-Up Planned for Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 2:00pm, location O'Henrys on preview the member or get directions please visit  O Henry's. 

For more information email Nola Naturals at

Let's Talk Hair

1.How long have you been natural?

 A few years.About 3 years now.

2.Did you transition? If so how long and why? 
Not really transition...I just stop getting perms once I got older. Even when I was younger I got relaxers like once a year. I only got them to relax my waves/curls. A few years I have been natural for the simple reason I just love my hair. The texture, the colors I get it highlighted, its unique and I go above and beyond to stand out especially in a city where most people wear weaves. We don't have many naturals in New Orleans, or many natural hair businesses/salons. That really irritates me.  I get asked alot if my hair is real and I tell them yes. I never really cut my hair and always took care of it, but most of my life I have worn it in a bun/ponytail.

3.Did you have any support going natural? or negative experiences when going natural?
My husband has always supported my naturally curly,wavy hair. But he also likes it if I change it up and straighten it, or color it. I get it flat ironed every now and then.

4.What is your regimen?  
Well, I wash n go most of the time and wear my hair up in a clip with curls falling to the front. The humidity here is unbearable so most of the time it is pulled back somehow.I started washing my hair with Mixed Chics, then tried Herbal Essesnce Hello Hydration, and now Hairtrition from Sallys. I don't really stick to a certain brand. I just buy what my hair likes and so far I haven't had any problems. My hair gets used to something, then gets immune I have noticed so I switch up after my bottles are empty.I want to learn more styles, and do more with my hair but I suck at The only thing I have tried out of my ordinary is twist outs, or bantu I know.
5.What is your nightly routine? I just put on a satin bonnet.Sometimes if needed I apply a moisturizer. Mainly a pomade, or a mixture of aloe vera gel,water,lavender oil,and castor oil.

6.What is your go to style?
Wash n go, a slickbun ponytail, or a curly updo ponytail.

7. What is the best thing about being natural?
Versatility...the choice to wear it curly, or flat ironed straight.

Being your big sis..I know that you are a PJ (Product Junkie)
What is your favorite product and why? Myhoneychild: Coconut hair gel, and the Old Fashioned hair grease. Oyin: Burnt Sugar Pomade. Anita Grant: Organic Sapote and Coconut Oil Pomade. Vatikah: Coconut Oil. Cantu :Shea Butter.Butters n Bars: Coconut Oil Pomade.

What is the most you ever spent and was it worth it? 50 bucks, and yes my purchases are always worth it because I use every drop! lol.All sales are final here.I havent bought anything I havent liked yet.

(Yall Pray for my lil SIS!)

What advice do you have for an aspiring natural/transitioner? 
Be yourself, and embrace your natural hair! Don't listen to the negative!

Join natural sites, read natural hair blogs, YouTube,and Google to get more information. I did and it has taught me so much, and I have met so many naturals locally and via internet.You build great friendships along with being NATURAL and it is such a wonderful feeling! A breath of fresh air!