Friday, July 30, 2010

Spoken Word

Here is a Piece that I like...
~Our Nappy Hair~

Our Hair is Nappy 
cause the Universe is in 
coils, just like our hair, which 
makes for a connection of "Positive 
Energy" that we receive and give back 
to the Universe, our Life Force. Our Hair 
grows upward, not downward like Caucasian and 
others. Our alluring bold powerful Hair does this because it is 
pure natural Protein that needs the Energy of the great Universe and 
our surroundings. Our exquisite immaculate Hair grows upward to receive 
the rays of the Sun and all the Energies of the Moon and Stars. Magnificent
Sistahs, our immaculate beautiful nappy hair is good hair, strong hair, 
our crown

Sunday · 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Location1 East Coffee Street, Greenville, SC 29601

Created By

More Info
Coffee and Poetry happens every Sunday evening at CU and features renowned regional poets and open mic. Doors open at 7:30pm. $5 cover.

In the words of SALT & PEPPA...

C'mon COILS, let's go show the PERMIES that we know
How to become number one in a hot party show!!!

Looking forward to seeing my COILS!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Earlier this week,
Coily Encounters had a TWA contest that was 
sponsored by 

The owner of Zipporah Beauty
Mrs. Nakeisha James understands 
The Power of a TWA

Teeny Weeny Afro

The winner of the contest
 Coily Encounters-
Miss TWA 
Ms. Rickeeta 
with over 18 votes!

We had several contestants, pictured below:

It's hard to keep up with the Jones'
Mother and Daughter, Always FLY!

Loving the Flower, the Color and Accessories

Elder Gail...
Always Classy!

Miss St. C.
Loving the make-up

Ms. LWC..
Chilling Out
Short; Sassy TWA

Ms. D.P.H...
Her TWA is on FIYAH, as a RED HEAD

Rickeeta will recieve a 4 oz container of 
Zipporah Beauty's Cocoa Delight.

Thanks to all the contestants!  You guys, make the group, what it is!  

Peace and Love, to my COILS!


Wait a MINUTE!!!  
I have one thing to say!!!


Shea What??~

When I first became a natural, it was so confusing seeing all the terms.

Natural Lingo can get confusing.  It is sometimes hard to decipher,

Do you feel like this when talking with your natural friends?

For those of you who need a little help!!

Here is a list of terms that I have gathered over the last few months:

2nd day hair- Hair that looks good (at least decent) when you wake up the next don't have to do much before walking out of the house. Some are lucky enough to get 3rd and 4th day hair!

ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar (used to seal rinse)

BAA-Big ass afro

Co-Wash- Using conditioner to wash the hair in place of shampoo

Cones- Are 'silicones', or ingredients found in hair care products that are not water soluble (i.e. you need shampoo to remove). Failure to wash out cones may lead to build-up, which may result in dry hair and breakage (due to suffocation of the strands).

Refers to the "Curly Girl" book by Lorraine Massey. It is a philosophy for curls that involves, no or low shampoo, cone avoidance, and conditioner washing...among other things. These are just a few of the basic tenants.

DT or DC-
Is a deep treatment or conditioner. A DT is when you leave a moisturizing (or protein based, depending on your needs) conditioner on your hair for an extended period of time, along with a heat source to aid in penetration.

EO- Essential Oil

EVCO- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (used in conditioning treatments)

EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil (used in conditioning treatments)

HG- Holy Grail (Products that are tried and true)

No-poo- It's just that- no shampoo. Ladies who follow this routine are CG'ers and don't use cones or other heavy/oily products that may need shampoo to remove. Instead of pooing, many ladies conditioner wash, or use conditioner in place of shampoo to cleanse the scalp.

PJ- Product Junky or someone that buys any all hair care products in sight...forever on a mission to find the next best thing.

Is essentially sealing moisture in the hair, specifically the ends. For sealing to be effective, you must first use a water-based moisturizer (a conditioner or cream that has water as its first ingredient), and then seal with a butter or oil. The molecules in most butters/oils are too large to pass into the hair, so they stick to the outside of the shaft, trapping in the rich goodness of the moisturizer. Reversing those 2 steps will lead to dry hair. Sealing has saved my hair.

Search and Destroy (S&Ds)-
I go on S&Ds once a month. I find good lighting, usually in the bathroom, and examine my ends...whenever I see a split, a crooked end or a single strand knot, I snip it out. I only use hair scissors for this task (purchase from Sally's or Walmart)m this is key. Buy a decent pair of hair scissors and ONLY USE THEM FOR HAIR TRIMS. Dull scissors will do more damage. Every now and then (when my hair is excessively tangly), I'll do a Micro Trim, which is snipping off the last 1/4 of an inch of my ends...I do this while my hair is in twists for ease.

slip is used to describe how slippery a product is (usually a conditioner or detangler)... the more slip it has, the more effectively it will coat the hair to aid in detangling.

SLS- Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (found in the harsher shampoos- the main reason that CG'ers avoid poo).

transitioning - this is the period of time since one's last relaxer.
twist out - two strand twist hair, allow to dry either by air drying or sitting under a dryer, take the twist apart,and style

TWA- Teeny Weeny Afro

Wash and Go- Simply co-wash your hair, add a styler (gel, cream) and GO You leave the hair to air dry or dry with a diffuser. Although this style is cute and easy, my ends couldn't handle it. This is also seen as WnG, and W&G.

hair length-
CBL- collar bone length,
APL- armpit length,
BSL- bra strap length,
MBL- mid back length

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet Curls Galore & NINA..Natural of the Week

Meet Curls Galore & Nina

***sidnote***  I had the pleasure of naming Curls' Hair.  She was going with Simone and I thought of Nina Simone.  The name Nina means FIRE!  
I know you will agree with me, Curls Galore and NINA are on FIYAH!!!

1.How long have you been natural?
I've been completely natural for 13 months.  I did the big chop on June 13, 2009.

2.Did you transition? If so how long and why? 
I was a short term transitioner.  I transitioned for 3 months, because my last two attempts to go natural failed.  I would get frustrated with the two textures and then relax again.  The third time, I knew if I wanted to do this I had to take the plunge and cut all off.  So I did and I'm so glad I did.

3.Did you have any support going natural? or negative experiences when going natural?
I had more support from my natural friends than anyone.  I told my family and other friends of my decision, and I got a lot of side eyes and crazy looks.  Many tried to discourage me from cutting off my hair.  When I decided to do it for the 3rd time, I didn't tell anyone but two natural friends.  They were my accountability partners to see my decision through!  It was a shock to many when I cut my hair down to .5". I'm a high school teacher.  My kids almost had a heart attack when I went back to work with super short hair.  I got a lot of mixed reviews about it, but I was so comfortable with it, I couldn't care less what anyone said or thought.  Now, it seems like I started somewhat of trend at work.  Many black women are going natural or are now natural who otherwise would not have been.  It's great to see self acceptance of this magnitude.

What does your sweetie think? Sweetie, met me when I was 2 months post-BC.  He's been in love with my natural ever since.  He never wants me to relax it or weave it up (not that I would).  He can't get enough of it.

4.What is your regimen?  
Weekly or up to 2 week: 

  • Prepoo:  Baggie overnight with EVOO
  • Remove shed hairs with EVOO
  • Shampoo:  Giovanni Triple Tea Tree Treat Shampoo
  • Conditioner:  Giovanni Smooth As Silk (fave) or Desert Organics Green Apple & Ginger Conditioner (no sulfates/cones/parabens)
  • Buffer Method:  Apply condition before rinsing shampoo and detangle in sections -- twist each section into 3 large twists
  • Baggie for deep conditioning for 30-45 min, then rinse.  The timing varies.
  • Plop hair dry with a cotton t-shirt; I never use a towel to dry hair
  • Apply leave-in (Kimmaytube recipe ), jojoba oil or coconut shea moisturizer mix (Naptural85 recipe ), seal with shea butter mix.
  • Plat hair in two strand twists or braids
5.What is your nightly routine? 
Loose hair:  Plait my hair in large sections to maintain style (twist or braid); add satin bonnet and sleep on satin pillowcase.
Protective styled hair: Add satin bonnet/sleep on satin pillowcase

6.What is your go to style?
I love braidouts!  I love the "funky all over the place big hair" after day 2.

7. What is the best thing about being natural?
The best about being natural is just that; being natural.  I love the freedom, versatilty, beauty, and self-acceptance that comes with being natural.  It's a self tranformation inside out.  I love who I am infinitely more than I ever did.

8.What advice do you have for an aspiring natural/transitioner?
Be patient and enjoy the journey.  I have truly evolved in a matter of a year. I love the woman that I am becoming and I owe it all to first accepting myself as I am.  If you are a Fotki stalker, like me, You can see more of Nina and Curls...HERE

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Protective Style Contest ...sponsored by Zipporah Beauty

Protective Style Contest was sponsored by Zipporah Beauty

The winner of the contest will receive a 4 oz Package of Cocoa Delight. 

Here is the winner Mrs. LynnieLoving

I like to kid Mrs.LL by saying that, she could style her hair with swamp water and chicken grease... and it would turn out FLY!  The contest consisted of protective styles. The picture with the most comments won.  

Lynnie won, with over 17 comments! 

 I would also like to say thanks all the contestants that entered,

 as well as the VOTERS!!

I will be announcing the next contest on Tuesday, July 27, 2010.  

Monday, July 19, 2010

Fit & Natural

I hit the BRICK WALL.  

Allow me to explain what that means..
Recently after watching OPRAH, I heard her say...God hits you with a Pebble, then you get the BRICK, last is the BRICK WALL.  Catch it before you hit the brick wall.

My pebble was, realizing how peculiar I am about the various ingredients that I omit from my hair.  However, I will still pull up at BK and order a WHOPPER!!

Next was seeing myself in my favorite dress.  I couldn't believe that was my behind sticking out like that!!

I am in the ORANGE.  Pictured with the owner of Nappy Go Lucky (t-shirt designs), Shannon Rivers.
The founder of Low-Country Natra-Gals..Tiffany Reeves.

The wall was seeing this photo of me and my son!  I recognized him!  Didn't recognize me!  I thought, WHOA whose stomach is that.

Small steps each day....

Melt it off Monday
Tone it Up Tuesday
Walk it off Wednesday
Training on Thursdays
Fall off Friday
Shape up Saturday

Trying to get my Coils involved!!!  Perhaps, we could meet at a park and work it out!!

I am in the process of talking with quite a few personal trainers, trying to get some group activities going for the COILS!!!

sidenote...did ____ minutes on my elliptical and my natural deodarant held up!!!  

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Coils in the Mall

Encountered a few coils at the mall today.  Both of them had such pretty hair.  They are real good friends.
Meet Monique and Tan.

I saw Moniques fro and was like ...Girl that Fro, (in my Katt Williams Voice)!  That FRO, right there is FROTASTIC!!!

Tan has the waves, that will make you seasick!!  I aint going to LYE!  I thought it was a 1/2 wig!  The waves are KAAAAARAZZZYYY!!!

Thanks Monique and Tan for letting me photograph yall!!!

Spotting naturals all over South Carolina...Who will be NEXT??????

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Natural in the Street

I have been taking pictures of COILS that I ENCOUNTER.

Here are just a few.  I am bad with names, so I write them down...NOW

Meet Denesha, too shy to face the camera!

Meet Adrienne Lipsey- Natural Stylist
Greenville, SC

Meet Sharon
Meet Kezia

Meet Yatta
Her name means Rising SUN!!
When I am out and about, I always ENCOUNTER a fellow COIL!
These ladies were wearing their natural hair!  

In the words of RUPAUL..


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who is Nyla Coils?

Nyla is my She-Roe!!

Nyla came out about, when I was trying to figure out a name for the hair forums that grab my attention the most.  In essence, I was naming my hair.

My mom always says that, "Fools names are like their faces, always seen in PUBLIC PLACES.  Therefore, I couldn't put my REAL NAME out there.

The meaning of Nyla is as follows:

She who succeeds and acquires

I chose Coils as Nyla's last name because, when I look at my hair, it seems full of Coils.

Have you named your hair?  

Monday, July 12, 2010

Natural of the Week..ChrsLvsBks

Meet ChrsLvsBks
Wife, Mother, Friend and My Hair Idol

1.How long have you been natural?

The last time I relaxed my hair, from what I recall, was more than 10 years ago.  I base this on the ages of my sons in a picture taken the summer of 2000.

2.Did you transtion? If so how long and why? 

I did not transition. I knew nothing about transitioning. I just decided one day to no longer relax my hair.  It was not until August 2009 that I found YouTube and a host of great resources on how to care for my curly hair.

3.Did you have any support going natural? or negative experiences when going natural?

No, I had no support. I did not hear anything negative. This could be because I would wear my hair in ponytails and straightened for many years.

4.What is your regimen?

This is a complex question for me. Why? I always change things up. The main things I do are as follows.  Cleanse one to two times a week. Moisturize daily sometimes two to three times a day. Clarify before using a new product or before applying henna. Deep condition weekly. Do a protein treatment as needed (typically once a week).

I always, always seal in my moisture. I use either oils or butter-based products.

5.What is your nightly routine? 

Depending on my style, I put on a silk scarf then bonnet and sleep on a satin pillowcase. This is probably OCD since my bonnet and scarf do not come off while I sleep, LOL.  I do pineapple if I am trying to preserve my WnG or other “out” style.

6.What is your go to style?

Hmmmm, I don’t have one. I change up my styles often. There is no one style I depend on or seen wearing more often than not.

7. What is the best thing about being natural?

OMGoodness, the ability to be a chameleon. My hair is my accessory. I can take a funky look and transform it into a more conservative look in a few moments. I love the water so getting my hair wet is fun to me.

Working/working out?

What or who inspired you to start a workout routine?

Diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer are prevalent on my maternal side. While diabetes has ravished many on my paternal side. Exercising and eating properly are things I can do to help lessen my risk of acquiring one of these diseases.

What does your routine consist of?

I workout Monday through Friday burning 3,000 calories a week.

Monday and Wednesday  - 10 minutes on cardio before full body strength training on machines during my lunch hour; 45 minutes of spinning then 15 minutes of stretching (instructor led)

Tuesday and Thursday – 30 minute of cardio on the treadmill (15% incline at 2.7 mph) during my lunch hour

Thursday – 35 minutes of cardio on elliptical; 15 minutes of ab work and one hour Zumba class (both instructor led)

Friday - 10 minutes on cardio before full body strength training on machines during my lunch hour

What goal are your trying to achieve (with working out)?

I plan to get down to a healthy weight. I started out needing to lose 78 pounds. I have lost 25 pounds as of June 28—woo hoo!

On those days when you dont feel like working out, What do you do to get motivated?

I think about how I felt after a good workout. Remembering why I workout—get and remain healthy—also helps.

What do you do to your hair to prepare for a workout?

I wear a scarf and will sometimes moisturize and seal before putting it on. If my hair is braided or twisted, I put on a wave cap before putting on the scarf to keep hair flat to my head.

What is your routine after a workout?

After working out, I take off my scarf and shake if wearing a WnG or other out style. Otherwise, I just take off the headwraps and go back to work—simple as that :o).

Recently, I cam into contact with a straightened natural told me that she wears her hair straight because 
natural hair is not professional.
What is your opinion of that statement?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. As long as a person’s hair is cleansed and well kempt it is professional, IMO.

Do you notice that you sytle your hair differently for work?  (please submit a work style)

Yes and no, I love sporting a frohawk at times. I will not wear it to work. Any other style is fair game.  Styles I have worn to work include twists, braids, twist outs, braid outs, buns and ponytails.

What is your co-workers reaction to your various styles?  Do you let that affect you?

I work for a engineering consulting firm.  My supervisors and other workers are mostly white males. They will say things like you have a new ‘do but nothing negative.

Are there any natural styles that you feel are professional?

All of them as long as they are neat and not too out there if you work in a professional office. If my hair was shorter, I would even rock a frohawk.

What advice do you have for an aspiring natural/transitioner?

Learn your hair. Your hair will not react to products like someone else’s even if their hair looks like yours.

Do your own research.  There is nothing like finding out information for yourself. Do not depend on others for the answers. 

Check out and the Curl Whisperer posts on  Tiffany Anderson’s advice was my saving grace. She breaks down the properties of hair like no other person I have come across and believe me I have researched A LOT.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

Being natural and dating, did not pose any problems for me. I always let the men I dated know I did not relax my hair.  I actually met a man when my hair was in a ponytail and air dried, can we say huge and out of control. This is what actually attracted him to me, go figure.  Another guy liked how I changed up my styles. You know men, they like variety so I guess it made him think he was with a different woman. 

I met my husband in 2006.  My hair was straightened. I told him I did not relax my hair. He said he had no problem with it.  We married in August 2009.  I had my hair blow-dried, straightened, braided in the front and a high bun with pincurls in the back.

Have fun with your hair. Try new styles and products (coming from a true PJ) ;oD!  Check out YouTube for style ideas.

My fotki ( contains a lot of photos showing my journey including many different styles from the summer of 2009 to April 2010.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Afro Independence Day

On Facebook, we had a contest for the FRO with the most comments.  

The winner was Summyr1988 with 6 comments

Here is another photo of her FRO

The fros ranged from a TWA to WAY PAST A MJ FRO!!!


Loving the Flower and the Earrings!!

PUFF!  Puff on Lynnie!

Reppin for the TWA is Gail!  
Only in New Orleans will you see anything like this!

Miss Jones, always looking REGAL

Lil Miss Jones
Miss Jones' Baby Girl

Side Note Lil Miss J**makes her own hair accessories,
 perhaps we can persuade her to open an ETSY!!

Look at Curls Galore and Ms Nina, Showing OUT!!

Nakeisha, the owner of Zipporah

Kara, Looking like she don't have a Kare in the World!

Peep out D.A.B.!  Yall know, I am loving the SHADES!!

The owner of Koils By
Looking FUNKY FRESH with her Chunky FRO!!

To Flower or Not, that is the question.

Flower, it is!!

Here I am...Even My shirt was ROCKIN a FRO

The winner of the fro was Summyr with Lynnie and Miss Jones coming in a close 2nd place.

 Summyr had 6 comments (not including her own comment) and Lynnie and Miss Jones had 4!

Thanks to all who participated!!!

The winner will be awarded a prize from Zipporah Beauty of ( 1 Vanilla Mint Moisturizing Hair Serum.