Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coil of the Day?

Coil of the Day?

You know the one of the myths concerning Natural Haired People is...
We are all into Neo Soul.

Let's perpetuate that myth...
Who is your favorite neo soul artist?

One of my favorite concerts would have been





It still aint too late for this!!!  (wink)

However, last night I was lurking over on facebook.  I saw the flyest fro, on Conya Doss.  After seeing this fro!  I had to  know what does she do???
She is a singer with an awesome voice.  Coils, don't sleep on this.

Conya Doss

After listening to Conya, I came across Jaguar Wright.  Can you say OMG, Jaguar????
Her voice is so smooth... Kind of reminds me of a Chrisette!!  Real smooth!

As if, that wasn't enough, I stumbled across Sy Smith!!!  I am on the floor at this point.  Someone has knocked me off my feet.  It has to be SY!  When this was all said and done,  I had a NEO - Hangover!!


  1. I do get to experience some part of my dream concert. On June 25th, I am seeing Maxwell and Jill live in NYC at Madison Square Garden!!

  2. Mine are Ledisi, Chrisette Michelle & Leela James. If you have not heard their music, please check them out.

  3. I just started listening to Chrisette after seeing her and Maxwell in Octber. I know, isnt that a shame??