Monday, October 11, 2010

Natural of the Week

Natural of the Week

Meet Mystic Fingers
Massage Therapist

How long have you been natural? First off Thank you for The interview. I have been Loc'd know for 11 years.

Did you have any support going natural? Yes People around me wanted me to do it Quickly, I wore Twists for awhile and decided to loc in 1999.

What made you want to loc? I was Pregnant at the time and wanted a a change all around Mentally, Spiritually, It was time and My hair wouldn't hold a press and curl and my twist were great. It was just Time.

What loc process did your loctician use? I Started my locks Myself i Used a comb and Product called Natures Blessings That i use Regularly and on Other people's hair. Loving a Product called LRC as well.

Maintenance of the locs...

How often do you get them retwisted? When I first started i would get them twisted every 2 weeks Now Every month I like the new growth to come so i can see how long they are getting.

How do you keep your scalp clean? I use sea breeze or a Fresh Rosemary and sage. I make it in a tea form and Use it like a Conditioning formula. Very refreshing!

What is the best thing about being loc'd?
I am free from all chemicals that get in to my scalp and the rest of my body, I can Play in the rain, and Be Me, All The time.

What advice do you have for an aspiring LOC STAR! If you decide To Loc Do It, Because you really want to Be You.Love you and Patience is the key.
Thank you Nyla.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coil of the DAY?

Coil of the DAY?

Have you heard of the ZIP IT?
They can be purchased from Lowe's for under $5.00
Here is a video showing how it works?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Natural of the Week

Natural of the Week

Meet Fee King

Personal Trainer 

1.How long have you been natural?
apprx:  8 years

2.Did you transtion? If so how long and why? 
Yes. I started out with long corn rows with hair added. I did it this way,because of the work I do and my lifestyle. I grew up, in Omaha, NE wearing various cornrow hair styles and have always LOVED braids. Also, they were really in style with women at the time.

3.Did you have any support going natural? or negative experiences when going natural?
I had no Negative experiences. I was totally supported and if I wasn't, who cares. I do what I like.

What does your sweetie think ?
I don't have a sweetie in particular, but I find white men and others are intrigued and curious; whereas some black men are enamored and beguiled. Other Black men sometimes question my current style, but for the most part EVERYONE compliments it, thinks it's brave, has a lot of energy and matches my personality. See...I drive a jeep and work as a personal trainer, actor, writer and outdoor fitcamp facilitator; so my hair goes along with who I am.

4.What is your regime?
With my hair?  I get it cornrowed and have curly hair added for texture, color and fullness at the crown.

5.What is your nightly routine? 
I wrap the sides of my hair (braids) in a scarf. I typically put shay butter and scentsational soaps body butter on my hair at night and in the morning. I then  add a little water and LRC leave in conditioner in the morning only.

6.What is your go to style? 
I like rocking my version of a mohawk. When I have an audition, I rock a curly natural style wig.

7. What is the best thing about being natural? 
You stop caring about what other people think. I love ALL hair:  curly, weaves, straight, braided, colored. It's a preference. I feel most beautiful when my hair is short, off of my face and curly...kinky. I think women who wear ALL of their own hair natural and cropped low are AMAZING and Confident!

8.What advice do you have for an aspiring natural/transitioner? 
Work on your inner self-development and then just do it.

Why did you want to be a Personal Trainer?
I LOVE how it makes me feel and know what it can do for other's lives; especially women. Women have taken on the weight of the world and the weight of their mates and kids. Fitness is the one thing I guarantee will help you recliam your power and have you looking and feeling Amazing while doing it. My motto is:  If you don't like what you see...Come see Fee. And ladies - Go get your Shit!

If you would like to discuss your certifications, please do so here.
certified through IFPA- bio attached.  Currently studying for my ISSA certification to have by the fall.

What do you think a Personal Trainers greatest responsibility is?
.  integrity
 If you can't get the job done, refer that person to someone who can. It's more than a job. It truly is a lifestyle.  Help your clients help themselves get RESULTS!  Transform their entire life..not just the exterior.

Do you have a standard routine that you assign to most clients? if not, how are your clients routines established?
No. I absolutley don't believe any two people have the same body, can be trained the same and looking for same results. Evferything we do, outside of the fitcamps, are customized to your needs, fitness level, budget, mental capacity, and age.

How often should people work out with you?
3-4 times a week
What if a potential client can only meet with you once each month? What would their routine consist of?
I would not train that person. It's a waist of their time and money. Results come from consistency and retention

Do you have a specific training philosphy?
.  You get what out of it what YOU put into it
.  We dont' "try"  we do. No straddling the fence
.  Your Nutrition and behavior changes will get you 85% of your results
.  I guarantee Results. If it's meant to's up to Fee!

How do you envision growing Unique FEESIQUES?
through branding my company name with my company vision with my company standard of Success!
.  global services to include the following;
.  Wellness coaching and Nutritional services/products via Herbalife
.  Group training programs via DVD and on-line memberships
.  Inspirational speaking and on-site training services to empower women; particularly african-American women on how to empower, reclaim their lives and get what the deserve and need. Getting their shit

Is there anything that you would like to add.
Statistically - THEY are saying within 30 years, ALL african-American women will be obese. I plan to be alive in 30-years, that will NOT be my story. My goal and mission is to not allow that to be my sistahs stories.  Time to get our Shit - Success...Health...Integrity...Total Package Together

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why Do Natural Haired Women Co-WASH?

Why Do Natural Haired Women Co-WASH?

I went to so many sites and the the word CO-WASH kept sticking out like a sore thumb?

After GOOGLING the word CO-WASH, and coming up with nothing!  I was freaking out.  I then asked what is a co-wash.  The answer is simple...using conditioner as a shampoo.
Then, my next question was WHY?  Will my hair get clean?


The first question ...WHY???  Shampoos contain SULFATE

Someone else did the copied from..

Both Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and its close relative Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) arecommonly used in many soaps, shampoos, detergents, toothpastes and other products that we expect to "foam up". Both chemicals are very effective foaming agents, chemically known as surfactants.
Unfortunately, both sodium laureth sulfate and its cousin are also very dangerous, highly irritating chemicals. Far from giving "healthy shining hair" and "beautiful skin", soaps and shampoos containing sodium laureth sulfate can lead to direct damage to the hair follicle, skin damage, permanent eye damage in children and even liver toxicity

Using conditioner, you won't get any lather.  If lather is what you are used to then I suggest sulfate free shampoo.  There are several good ones out there.  Here is a list of as noted on facebook.

Will it get my hair clean?

I noticed a little build up with certain conditioners.  Remember- Natural Hair is not one size fits ALL!
The same conditioner that caused build-up for me may work for you!

I now use a sulfate free shampoo from Whole Foods or I make one with green tea and black soap.

Are you co-washing or not??