Monday, August 22, 2011

Hair Help

My hair looks like this

I really wish it did!  I am having a bad hair day!  

Puff to the rescue!!

What's your go- to style? 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Science of Black Hair

I went to my library yesterday and asked to see if there was a copy of " The Science of Black Hair" by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy (Author).

Guess what they told me...that I would have to apply for a book request.  It would then be sent to the main library in my town for review.  WHAT THE WHAT!!!!!
Looks like, I am back to building my personal library.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Natural Hair Growth

Guess What??

I don't know my exact Big Chop date.

Just like I don't know the exact date of my baptism.  I do remember each time, that I did do the Big Chop and each time I got baptized.

I know you are only supposed to be baptized once.  However, the first time I got baptized, I was made to do it.  Gotta love my mom.  Ok, I am veering off, but here's the deal.

Sometimes, when you think that your hair isn't growing; just envision a little girl and her hair at that age. Knowing that my hair is coming up on 3, due to the fact, that my Big Chop was done in the fall.
Haven't been brave enough to go to a hairstylist, since.

This is a 3 year old and the length of her hair

This is my 3 year old natural hair

I think we are track for some pretty growth.  


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Man Talk while Thrifting

Yesterday, my male friend (G) and I went shopping.  Thrifting to be exact.
He has a daughter that is 10.  I got all excited when we found, Aeropastle jeans and a Talbot's dress.
(G) just looked at me like..What the WHAT!!

We got her 8 pairs of jeans, 3 dresses and a pair of shorts for $35.00.  I was telling G, that he can just buy her some really cute tops at Old Navy or Ross.

While we were there, there was another guy (about 7 years older than ).  The other G, asked G, if we were married?  Then he says, I love your girls hair.  Yall, my hair was a HOT MESS.  It rained and I was wearing a fro.  Can you say SHRINKAGE?
He went on to tell G, it is so good to see a woman embrace the hair, that God has given her.  Yes, my friend, you are dating a confident woman, put a ring on it!

Wonder how long he will go before, he decides to put a ring on it!  lol

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No Breakfast??

No Breakfast??  In my Mr. Brown voice...What the WHAT????

I have somehow, gotten away from eating brekfast.  I know something has got to change.

My brekfast was Chicken Primavera pasta and lemonade.  I ate that at 12:30

Don't know whats for dinner but I'm hoping, I will cook something good!  lol

Working on my healthy eating so, this is what I have found so far.
I need order in my life.  Found a site that gets the shopping list together for a week.  Then, all you have to do is come home and cook.  I hate leftovers- the only thing leftover that I like is Spaghetti!

What are you eating for dinner?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday - M's

Haven't really written anything in a while.  Each time, I think I will do better, life gets in the way.
However, today, August 1, 2011, I need to write.  Got to clear my thoughts, see them on paper.

Monday, uhhhhhh.  As I take a deep breath to write.  18 years ago, I lost my baby girl.  I miss what we could have shared ;styling her hair, dating, the prom, and graduation. Feeling melancholy,

On this Monday, I have decided to go MEATLESS.  Doing this to honor my daughter.  She wouldn't want a fat mommy!  Had she been living, I think I would have made, so many better decisions about my life.

Its funny how one day, your life is about one thing and the next NO THING will ever be the same.

I was a big ER fan, Angela Basset's character recited the most memorable quote for me:  When you loose a husband, you are a widow.  When you loose a parent, you are an orphan.  When you loose a child, there is NO WORD for that!  I have to wonder...WHY????