Sunday, June 13, 2010

Natural in the Workplace

Recently, I had the honor of listening to Nappturalite Radio.
The discussion was Being Natural in the Workplace.

This is interesting to me, I currently am unemployed.  I know one day, I will need to return to work.
I am just thinking, how will I wear my hair for an interview.

I have gone natural 3 times....

Previously, I would wear my hair pulled back, then attach a fake bun. 
One day, I had a black co-worker, in her early twenties, ask me, "What is under that bun?'
Then she said,  before I could even answer, "I bet it is the prettiest hair!"
The next day, I wore MY hair to work.

I wore it in a ponytail!  

The next time I went natural,  I wore a weaved string ponytail, over my hair to interviews.

Currently, I am working on a project with a stylist, (AP)  who is natural.  Some of her clients are NOT!

AP was telling me that, several of her clients are natural, they don't want to wear an afro to work.  
They are corporate and it wouldn't go over well.

I really want to meet these ladies.  All I can say is in the words of :

Michelle George,the author of "The Knotty Truth", she said it best, You have to be comfortable with you and others will accept that!


  1. Yes, confidence makes all the difference. My hair is big and out there today. First time, and I am loving it. Typically, I like less big and more defined.