Thursday, January 17, 2013

Consistency is Key

Decided that I would be more consistent with the blog.

Here I will begin to post my random thoughts and adventures in my life.  During the past year, alot of things have changed in my life.  

I became a major thrift addict.  I actually had to become an addict.  Why?  Well, my body went through a major change.  I went from an 18 to a 10.  Last winter, I was an 18 this winter I am in a 10.  Working towards an 8, with a vengeance.  My birthday is in a few days (47 to be exact).

I will be 46 years old.  

In my home gym, I have pictures of other fellow 40 year olds:
Janet Jackson
Halle Berry
Mary J Blige

40 can be very sexy, indeed!

Off to complete this challenge 95 squats and 50 pushups..

Each day my inner THICK CHICK and I argue.  The argument goes like this

TC:  Girl, you look good.  We can miss a day.
ME:  Naw, we really got to get up
TC:  Its cold and this bed is warm
ME:  We got plans for 47.....  Remember....Consistency is Key