Monday, October 15, 2012

Shedding 52 LBS Took 9 months

Questions that I get asked about my transformation

What did it for you??  What made you lose the weight?

Almost 2 years, I was in NYC visiting my favorite aunt.  She kept pulling at this lump under her arm.  Saying how it was hurting.

Fast forward to last December, I noticed the same lump.  Mine didn't hurt, however, it felt as if it were growing.  I would go to the dr and have them tell me it was nothing.  However, I was scared and I wanted to do everything to prevent that from becoming a reality.

Later on I would be watching Dr. Oz.  He was saying that if your waist is above 35 inches that you put yourself at risk for all sorts of disease, such as; hypertension, cancer, diabetes and a host of other issues.  My waist was 38.  During this journey, I have had a very many highs.  However, the one that made me cry the most was when my waist measured in at 34.  Currently, I have a 31 inch waist.

I felt as if, Dr Oz came sat on the couch and held my hand.  Rather than choosing to be scared to DEATH, I got scared into LIFE.

Healthy eating began that day!

One of the best things I was told was by a personal trainer..She told me to pretty much think of food as FUELING my body rather than feeding my body.
I have given up soda.

The strongest thing I drink is a smoothie.
Breakfast will be a Green smoothie, oatmeal with fruit or Kashi cereal with fruit.
Snacks are Almonds, string cheese or Fruit.
Lunch could be a sub (subway) or chili and a salad from Wendys..Jr Hamburger from Wendys with fruit cup or side salad..
Dinner - could be anything from Chinese food to actually something healthy.

Sample dinner is Grilled chicken, baked sweet potato spinach.

I try to stay away from processed food and eat mostly fresh fruit and veggies.

Yes, I still eat pizza and ice cream.  I just don't eat a whole pizza or a whole tub of ice cream, like I used to.

Another statement that woke me up was by none other that Richard Simmons.
Richard Simmons was on the Dr's shortly after the Dr. Oz epiphany   He stated, 'Each time that you overeat, you are in essence creating food suicide.'

Also, I recommend a good support system.  Fit For Life Sisters is the one that I use.  It is Christian based and filled with awesome ladies.