Thursday, January 27, 2011

Twist Out vs Satin Scarf Braid Out

I think it is clear to me, that from now on...
The satin scarf braid out is where my heart lies!

Not really feeling today's twist out.

This is the first day of this style.

Perhaps, I will enjoy it more once I have had a chance to fluff it out.

The fron it did about 8 seperate med sized twist.  The back, I did about 6 flat twist. 

I prefer my satin scarf braid out..Which one gets your vote?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Satin Scarf Braid Out- DAY 5

This is the style that wont end!!  I definitely will be redoing this style!!  Love it!!

I see frizz!!!  It's time to wash!  I may wash it tonight!!!
Here is a recap of the 5 days!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Satin Scarf Braid Out- Day 4

It's Day 4!!  My hair is still looking and feeling good!

Here's the video on how I preserve this look at night

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3rd Day of the Satin Braid Out

Today is Day 3.  Still loving my hair.  Playing with make-up.

The snow has me feeling like a trapped caged animal.  I ventured out, only to find out that I should have stayed IN!!!  It's warm in my house.
My makeup is supposedly lilac to match my purple shirt!  Love Purple!

So many people are asking, how did I get the look?
I did a quick tutorial on youtube.  Hope that you enjoy!!!  I will do it again on wet hair

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Satin Scarf Braid Out

Being stuck in the snow, is not a good thing.  I have been playing around with make up looks.  Noticing, I like more of a natural look.  Pun intended!  LOL   ... I crack myself up.

Also been playing with my hair, I am loving the satin scarf braid out!!!

The method involves taking a scarf.  I actually bought 1/2 yard of satin fabric and cut it into strips.  Then sectioned my hair into 10 sections and braided my hair with the strips.

Here is the video link that shows what I am trying to say.

These are the results.  I am loving this.

Washed my hair with a sulfate free shampoo from Whole Foods, conditioned with a Whole Foods (365 Brand).
Rinsed and applied Koils By Nature,  Leave In Conditioner
***sidenote- KBN-Leave In has a PH of 4.
Then I added Heavenly Body and Hair Butter.

The pictures below are day 2 hair!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

How much is Too Much?

Was visiting with my mom today.  Picked up a copy of JET Magazine.
Halle Berry is on the cover.

Inside is an advertisement featuring Pantene Products.  The model Tasia, stated that she washes her hair.  Next she applies one of the stylers to wet hair.  Lastly, she blows drys to apply product to her hair to enhance the curls.
She stated that she does this daily.

How much is too much.  This regimen would overwhelm me!  I like to K.I.S.S  Keep It Simple Stupid!
I am washing once a week.  Applying a moisturizer or water every 3 days.

So my question to you ...How much is too much!

PS. Yeah, I know I've been away!  My apologies!  A COIL has been sooo busy!!

Happy New Year