Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thoughts on Going Natural

Oftentimes, we (Black Folks), can be the harshest critics of natural hair.

Compare two articles.
Ms Desmond-Harris
Ms. Chen

The one statement that sticks out to me:

Written by 


Waajid may be on to something about natural hair’s "comeback" in real life, but with styles like a RedHots candy-themed twist on the Bronner Bros. stage (check out the video), we're not sure hair shows will ever be the best place to look for confirmation of this trend. That's kind of like watching the couture looks on high-fashion runways for evidence that women are wearing yoga pants around town. See what we mean here:

The video that she is referring to, can be seen here:


It became crystal clear to me that Ms Desmond-Harris, definitely is not a natural.  I hope that she will attend the World Natural hair show in April.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Her hair is always gorgeous!!!

She recently did a review of curlformers

Please view her YouTube Channel!

I did ask a few questions after reviewing the video.

Does it take a long time?
No, it didn't take too long.
It's really easy to put them in and take them out. Just drying time really.

Where did you buy the curlformers from?
I got them from
but Sally's (Beauty Supply) has them also...
Sally's only has only size kits. So, I just got the longer ones online.

How often will you try the style?
I'm thinking atleast once a month. Since, it doesnt take too long...

Any final thoughts?
Yea, but they are a bit expensive if you dont plan to use them often.

Thanks Naturally Fly Girl for your time!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Make- Up

I found that I have a new obsession!!
Make-Up and tons of it!!

I will have to post a pic of all the things, I have gotten in the last week.

Here is tonight's look!  Got a new palette.  This is a grey with purple undertones!!
One of my favorite colors is purple!

Please disregard the hair!  I was playing with my make up~!  
The hair, I know is a mess!!  

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Satin Scarf Braidout

I am just going to post the pictures..  I have no words!

Other than I am feeling great!!!

The KOILS were created by NATURE!