Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tip of the Day

Hey Coils...

I am a no-poo kind of girl.  I only co-wash.  Having been asked my another natural, What do I use or recommend for shampoo?  I quickly ran to my local Whole Foods to see what would make my approval list.  I found several brands of shampoo. 

I actually bought the  Generic Brand in Mint.
They had several different fragrances.  Citrus, Lavender & Rosemerry, Unscented and The Herbal Mint.  
Last night, I did a strand test.  I really liked how the conditioner left my hair feeling!  

They are listed below:

Generic Brand of Whole Foods' 365
Conditioner and Shampoo price ranges from 3-5.
****Note Shampoo contains Disodium Cocoaphodipropionate- which will cause allergic reactions **nuts**
Aubrey Organics 9.49
Avalon Organics 9.49
Castile Soap
Giovanni Cosmetics 
Hugo Naturals 12.99
Jason Naturals 9.99
Nature's Gate 

*****no -poo= does NOT use Shampoo.
*****Co-wash= use conditioner as a shampoo.

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