Monday, July 5, 2010

Afro Independence Day

On Facebook, we had a contest for the FRO with the most comments.  

The winner was Summyr1988 with 6 comments

Here is another photo of her FRO

The fros ranged from a TWA to WAY PAST A MJ FRO!!!


Loving the Flower and the Earrings!!

PUFF!  Puff on Lynnie!

Reppin for the TWA is Gail!  
Only in New Orleans will you see anything like this!

Miss Jones, always looking REGAL

Lil Miss Jones
Miss Jones' Baby Girl

Side Note Lil Miss J**makes her own hair accessories,
 perhaps we can persuade her to open an ETSY!!

Look at Curls Galore and Ms Nina, Showing OUT!!

Nakeisha, the owner of Zipporah

Kara, Looking like she don't have a Kare in the World!

Peep out D.A.B.!  Yall know, I am loving the SHADES!!

The owner of Koils By
Looking FUNKY FRESH with her Chunky FRO!!

To Flower or Not, that is the question.

Flower, it is!!

Here I am...Even My shirt was ROCKIN a FRO

The winner of the fro was Summyr with Lynnie and Miss Jones coming in a close 2nd place.

 Summyr had 6 comments (not including her own comment) and Lynnie and Miss Jones had 4!

Thanks to all who participated!!!

The winner will be awarded a prize from Zipporah Beauty of ( 1 Vanilla Mint Moisturizing Hair Serum.

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  1. All the fros were HOT!

    Check you out...looking hardcore hip hop-ish! LOL Love your pic! ;-)