Monday, July 26, 2010

Meet Curls Galore & NINA..Natural of the Week

Meet Curls Galore & Nina

***sidnote***  I had the pleasure of naming Curls' Hair.  She was going with Simone and I thought of Nina Simone.  The name Nina means FIRE!  
I know you will agree with me, Curls Galore and NINA are on FIYAH!!!

1.How long have you been natural?
I've been completely natural for 13 months.  I did the big chop on June 13, 2009.

2.Did you transition? If so how long and why? 
I was a short term transitioner.  I transitioned for 3 months, because my last two attempts to go natural failed.  I would get frustrated with the two textures and then relax again.  The third time, I knew if I wanted to do this I had to take the plunge and cut all off.  So I did and I'm so glad I did.

3.Did you have any support going natural? or negative experiences when going natural?
I had more support from my natural friends than anyone.  I told my family and other friends of my decision, and I got a lot of side eyes and crazy looks.  Many tried to discourage me from cutting off my hair.  When I decided to do it for the 3rd time, I didn't tell anyone but two natural friends.  They were my accountability partners to see my decision through!  It was a shock to many when I cut my hair down to .5". I'm a high school teacher.  My kids almost had a heart attack when I went back to work with super short hair.  I got a lot of mixed reviews about it, but I was so comfortable with it, I couldn't care less what anyone said or thought.  Now, it seems like I started somewhat of trend at work.  Many black women are going natural or are now natural who otherwise would not have been.  It's great to see self acceptance of this magnitude.

What does your sweetie think? Sweetie, met me when I was 2 months post-BC.  He's been in love with my natural ever since.  He never wants me to relax it or weave it up (not that I would).  He can't get enough of it.

4.What is your regimen?  
Weekly or up to 2 week: 

  • Prepoo:  Baggie overnight with EVOO
  • Remove shed hairs with EVOO
  • Shampoo:  Giovanni Triple Tea Tree Treat Shampoo
  • Conditioner:  Giovanni Smooth As Silk (fave) or Desert Organics Green Apple & Ginger Conditioner (no sulfates/cones/parabens)
  • Buffer Method:  Apply condition before rinsing shampoo and detangle in sections -- twist each section into 3 large twists
  • Baggie for deep conditioning for 30-45 min, then rinse.  The timing varies.
  • Plop hair dry with a cotton t-shirt; I never use a towel to dry hair
  • Apply leave-in (Kimmaytube recipe ), jojoba oil or coconut shea moisturizer mix (Naptural85 recipe ), seal with shea butter mix.
  • Plat hair in two strand twists or braids
5.What is your nightly routine? 
Loose hair:  Plait my hair in large sections to maintain style (twist or braid); add satin bonnet and sleep on satin pillowcase.
Protective styled hair: Add satin bonnet/sleep on satin pillowcase

6.What is your go to style?
I love braidouts!  I love the "funky all over the place big hair" after day 2.

7. What is the best thing about being natural?
The best about being natural is just that; being natural.  I love the freedom, versatilty, beauty, and self-acceptance that comes with being natural.  It's a self tranformation inside out.  I love who I am infinitely more than I ever did.

8.What advice do you have for an aspiring natural/transitioner?
Be patient and enjoy the journey.  I have truly evolved in a matter of a year. I love the woman that I am becoming and I owe it all to first accepting myself as I am.  If you are a Fotki stalker, like me, You can see more of Nina and Curls...HERE

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