Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday - M's

Haven't really written anything in a while.  Each time, I think I will do better, life gets in the way.
However, today, August 1, 2011, I need to write.  Got to clear my thoughts, see them on paper.

Monday, uhhhhhh.  As I take a deep breath to write.  18 years ago, I lost my baby girl.  I miss what we could have shared ;styling her hair, dating, the prom, and graduation. Feeling melancholy,

On this Monday, I have decided to go MEATLESS.  Doing this to honor my daughter.  She wouldn't want a fat mommy!  Had she been living, I think I would have made, so many better decisions about my life.

Its funny how one day, your life is about one thing and the next NO THING will ever be the same.

I was a big ER fan, Angela Basset's character recited the most memorable quote for me:  When you loose a husband, you are a widow.  When you loose a parent, you are an orphan.  When you loose a child, there is NO WORD for that!  I have to wonder...WHY????


  1. Thanks for sharing something so personal Nyla. Good luck on your meatless journey. I've been trying to make better decisions as far as my diet as well. So many things run in my family that are preventable with a better diet so I need to get on that.

  2. Destinee- thank you for commenting. My family has it all high blood pressure, diabetes, and breast cancer. Best wishes to you, on your journey.