Sunday, August 7, 2011

Man Talk while Thrifting

Yesterday, my male friend (G) and I went shopping.  Thrifting to be exact.
He has a daughter that is 10.  I got all excited when we found, Aeropastle jeans and a Talbot's dress.
(G) just looked at me like..What the WHAT!!

We got her 8 pairs of jeans, 3 dresses and a pair of shorts for $35.00.  I was telling G, that he can just buy her some really cute tops at Old Navy or Ross.

While we were there, there was another guy (about 7 years older than ).  The other G, asked G, if we were married?  Then he says, I love your girls hair.  Yall, my hair was a HOT MESS.  It rained and I was wearing a fro.  Can you say SHRINKAGE?
He went on to tell G, it is so good to see a woman embrace the hair, that God has given her.  Yes, my friend, you are dating a confident woman, put a ring on it!

Wonder how long he will go before, he decides to put a ring on it!  lol

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