Friday, August 16, 2013

No Excuses

No Excuses

"No excuses" has been my mantra for awhile.   Mostly, it just included my fitness lifestyle.  Meaning, there was no excuse for me, to NOT work out!

Lately though it seems my mantra has taken a turn. It is funny how God will bring you back to something.  I haven't really been keeping this blog up to date.

My excuses were:
No time
Bad camera

Well, yesterday...God fixed all of that.
Over on twitter, lil ol' me, answered a question from my local radio station.
The question was, what will you wear on your first day back to school.
No, I am not in school, but hey, who tells the truth in social media. LOL

As a result, I won all of this.

Samusing Galaxy III Phone
Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tablet
Samsung Galaxy Camera
Samsung WiFi Hot Spot
Samsung Battery Back UP

I was even able to get this video'ed!  I am not the videographer.  Thanks to Letina of WJAMZ at 1073.

Sidenote:  Its really funny that I entered this contest on Aug. 1.  August 1, 1993 my life changed.  Looks like my angel (my daughter) wanted me to know, she is still blowing kisses and giving me hugs!  RIP..Maya Nicole-Elyse
I love you!

Which means, this blog will be getting a complete overhaul.

Reflection time, what have you been putting off?

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