Monday, August 26, 2013

Missed the Mark

I missed the MARK, today.

I am trying to become more consistent in my life.
Been noticing that I am a fast typer.  Which is trouble in the world of Instagram.  (follow me a Coilyencounters, I know it is a SHAMELESS PLUG- moving on, lol)
My typing doesn't matter here, on facebook or twitter, because I can correct the misspelled word or delete the post and start over.   Instagram, however is not as user friendly.

My commitment to myself is to become more consistent in areas of my life.  I chose commitment rather than challenge.  Due to the fact, that my mom has drilled in me the power of the tongue scripture, since I could read! lol

The areas that I am committing to being consistent are

This Blog
Organization Skills
Working Out
Proper Diet (which means, I will limit pizza, ice cream and dessert to once a month)

Funny how God is, to let me know that I am supposed to be doing this, I ran into one of my old supervisors Teresa J, who mentioned that she reads my blog.  Heyyyyyy, Teresa!

Here she is with all this pretty coiled hair, outside of one of our local grocery stores.

What's your focus?  What is that thing that you need to commit, in order to bring focus into your life.

Let's hit the mark, together...TOMORROW!

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