Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back on Grass

I am back on GRASS!  Wheatgrass that is! I got slack about taking it.  It does taste and smell like GRASS.  The kind that grows in my front yard

Chris Tia Donaldson, author of Thank God I'm Natural, wrote and excellent article
on the benefits of wheatgrass.

Having broken my hip, in a tragic car accident, prompted me to try the GRASS, for arthritic purposes.

I quickly discovered that I gained more energy, less of a curvy girl appetite, and WHAT???  No pain in a hip that felt like someone was stabbing me in my hip socket and dragging the knife up and down!

The grass does enter your system within about 20 minutes.

Oh yeah, I also discovered that the wheatgrass is a cleanser.  Start off slowly, I recommend 1 oz shots.
I bought my wheatgrass in frozen containers, from Whole Foods.  However, I bought a juicer and now, I am growing my own seeds.

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