Monday, August 23, 2010

Natural of the Week

Natural of the Week...

Meet Lady J

How long have you been natural?
I started my locks with the Nuloc technique in December 2004. So almost I'm almost 6 years now.

Did you have any support going natural?
At first, no one really thought it was a good idea or that I would stick with it. My then boyfriend but now husband, hated locks and loved straight hair.

What made you want to loc?
I was tired of wearing weaves and extensions and spending hundreds. I wanted to wear my own hair and have it grow long with no perms or relaxers. BUT I wanted the convienence of get up and go, plus the versatilty of ponytails, curls, or updos. I felt I had a big forehead and short hair wouldnt work for me. I also said that if I did my locks thin enough it would be no different than wearing braids.

What loc process did your loctician use?
I used Nulocks or yarn braids that resembled locks. She braided the yarn in my hair and burnt the ends. I chose this method because I didnt want to cut off all my hair and start from scratch and if I changed my mind I could just take out the braids. As my hair grew, I twisted the new growth and cut off the nuloc.

Maintenance of the locs...

How often do you get them re-twisted? ___

I retwist my new growth every 2 weeks. I use the palm roll method.

How do you keep your scalp clean?
I wash and condition every week but when I first started I used an astringent spray "Refresh" I believe it was called.

What is the best thing about being loc'd?
Its so easy and its so versatile. So many different updos. I can use rollers or even bump my hair with a curling iron! I can dye it or cut it in a style when I get bored. I can even braid it back and wear a wig. I do my own hair so I dont have to make hair appointments and wait around all day. Its beautiful and its long and healthy. Its MY HAIR. Growing out my scalp and I love it.

What advice do you have for an aspiring LOCK star? 
Do not be discouraged by anyone. My husband had to get used to it BUT loves them now. Do you research there are hundreds of websites. Ask around to women you see looking good. They will love answering you. Keep them clean, lint free, moisturized, and groomed. Its one of the best things I' ve done for myself.

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