Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Karen's Body Beautiful Give Away

One Lucky Winner 
Will receive the following 
From Karen's Body Beautiful

Recently my makeup was done by Miss Jones of Miss Jones Makeup Artistry

I felt so beautiful!

To enter the contest, you must do two things:

  1. You must like Miss Jones of Miss Jones Makeup Artistry Facebook Page.  Once on the page, say you were sent by Coily Encounters. sidenote..If you live in SC, Miss Jones is also having a free makeover giveaway on her page!
  2. Write a statement explaining why your coils make you feel beautiful.

Good Luck! 

The winning statement will be selected by Miss Jones.  The winner will be announced on her page on Friday, May 25, 2012.

Sorry this contest is open to US Residents only.


  1. My coils mak me feel beautiful because they are unique, and make a statement no matter how istyle them. :)

  2. It helped build my confidence even once I grew into and realizedmy true natural beauty is powerful. My coils make me feel bold and beautiful no matterwhat event I am attending.

  3. My coils make me feel beautiful because I AM! My coils are beautiful because they are mine and have been uniquely designed for me by God :)

  4. Going natural was a truly a spiritual experience. It was then I learned to really love the me (inside and out) God created. Now the beauty you see in my coils is really the beauty you see in me! Loving it!

  5. When I first transitioned, I didn't have a clue about how liberated that I would feel. The more that I got to know my hair, I began to feel as unique as my name. Anyone can get a relaxer/perm and it's all the same, straight hair. But in my journey of having natural hair, I've embraced the fact that NO TWO GIRLS HAVE THE SAME CURLS!! I feel beautiful!!


  6. Each of my coils were divinely designed for me. I recognize their beauty and accept them because God doesn't make mistakes and He didn't make a mistake by choosing me to have them.