Sunday, May 6, 2012

I almost had a NaturalHair style

Today's Encounter:  I went to my dad's church .  Usually, I do this when I need to hear something special just from him.  Being the cry baby that I am, feeling rather proud of myself.
Only when I was introduced as his daughter, did I get emotional.
When it is pretty outside, I miss him.  Mainly, because I can imagine him golfing.  Then, after golfing he would call and just hang out at my house.

While at my dad's church, I noticed 3 coily girls.  Yes, I invited them to the May 19th event.  One remembered an event that I had a few years back.  (insert smiley face)

Last night ,as I was talking with Karen, I told her of the big plans that I had for my hair.

It was supposed to turn out like this:

However, it turned out more like this

Man, I wish I could cornrow!  Mine always comes out puffy!  

I am going to try the style minus the cornrows.  
Will definitely, keep my coils posted

Happy Sunday!


  1. Did'nt know you had a blog too, or maybe I forgot. Anyways, I am following now...

  2. Thank you for following. I am trying to make an effort to blog more!

  3. I think you hair turned out well. I don't know how to cornrow, either.